MagLink is an online service that allows you to download magnet: or Torrents online, and then download them using your browser, without installing any kind of BitTorrent Clients!

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Safety First 🛸

Your download data is encrypted using twofish-cbc(LUKS Full Disk Encryption) on our server, your password is encrypted in BCrypt, and network requests are protected by SSL.

Security aware 🔒

We don't log your IP address, and the Trackers cannot see your IP address, just send the magnet: here, and download using your browser.

Blazing Fast ⚡️

All of our servers have 1Gbps uplink, your torrents can download/seed as fast as possible.

Unlimited Traffic 🚈

Unlike other providers which limits your download time, we don't limit that, the only limitation is your storage space, you can download/seed as long as you can.


Drop the magnet: here


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After download success on MagLink Server, download to your local in your favourite Browser or any CLI you like

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Use Email:[email protected] and Password:maglinkguest to login.

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